Growing up in a musical family, there was no avoiding the call for Amy. She learnt how to play the cello, guitar and piano at a young age and studied literature at higher level, expanding her love of poetry and writing songs in her spare time. Her eldest brother, George, studied sound engineering and it was predestined that they ended up writing and recording together. George has since opened his own recording and post production studio in Manchester, 80 Hertz, where when mixing their EP, Rie Sinclair, another producer visiting from LA, overheard and asked to work with Amy. They write songs together and sell them to major broadcasting companies like ABC in America and Disney, where they are used frequently on prime time shows like General Hospital. Amy has since written and recorded with many other producers.

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Since moving to St Leonard’s on Sea, Amy was invited by Siddy Bennet to start a girlband, Message from the Ravens, as a joke… forward two and a half years, they have sold out multiple venues over the UK, gone on tour to Jersey and Portugal and played at popular festivals such as Secret Garden Party. They have recorded and released their first single where Amy has channelled her experience in the visual arts to lead the creation of their first music video, Jupiter’s Tears.

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